The History of 'Azienda Agricola San Bernardo

By purchasing the house upon the hill, with the ancient vineyard and woods nearly, Paolo Guglielmi became a full time producer.
The farm is about 1 Km away from Gavi, in the province of Alessandria, in the antique road called "Lomellina" which connects Novi Ligure to Gavi.
Paolo Guglielmi has been lately assisted in the management by the young son Lorenzo.
The enotechnician Gaspare Buscemi has been collaborating as handicraftsman wine-maker : we work hard in producing our wine naturally whilst respecting the traditional artisan oenology.

Gavi has always been one of the favourite sites of the Milanese people,  who love travelling towards the Ligurian sea, which is not too far from us. That is why Paolo Guglielmi, Milanese, who could no longer stand life in a big city, (after a few years spent in Mexico running a restaurant-pizzeria) decided in 1980 to live in the country side near Gavi. His farm was initially designed for keeping horses, but now is only a vineyard for wine. Four hectares, in a open basin protected by the wood , 365 metres above sea level , on Salita Lomellina , one of the highest locations close to Gavi. Here, where the stump of the vine ends just above the ground and the planting density is very high, the traditional viticulture produces Cortese's grapes; they are handcrafted, and give us a wine full of  finesse and perfume (more than alcohol).
Right here, in the early 80's, Gaspare Buscemi started working in Gavi with such good outcomes, that doubtless contributed to improve the quality of the wine. In fact, the Gavi wine, excepting from the wine produced by La Scolca winery, was at that time appreciated as summer wine, because of its light alcoholic fragrance as well as high acidity. By contrast, San Bernando wine, even if modestly alcoholic, showed several qualities of longevity, complexity as well as balance. Those qualities came from a great attention to  the  processing of the grapes and pursuit of the malo-lacting fermentation.

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